Image Of Expecting Couple At Clinton, NJ Infertility Treatment - Morning Star Family Health Center

We have put together this program for our Infertility/Miscarriage couples to make NaPro treatment affordable and with predictable costs.

Infertility Full Membership: No Co-Pay!

  • $300 Initial Consult,
  • then $149/month=$1788/year

For those who have not started charting yet:

  • Creighton Model Introductory Session: $60
  • Initial Pack of Book, Chart and Stamps: $35
  • Ongoing CrMS Follow-up Sessions: $60
  • Initial Medical Consultation: $300
  • Monthly couple membership: $149/Month

No Office Visit Charge:

  • Evaluation Review Appointment: Included
  • Napro Follow-Ups With Physician In Office: Included
  • Skype Or Telephone Napro Follow-Ups With Physician: Included
  • Monthly Cycle Review Is Included At No Additional Charge
  • Pregnancy Visit With Physician: Included
  • Progesterone Injection: First Injection Free- No Injection Fee
  • Progesterone Monitoring During Pregnancy: Included
  • Ultrasound: $75
  • Blood Draw: No Additional Charge
  • Also Covers Primary Care For Both Spouses If Desired
  • Supplies Such As SFA Kit, Supplements, Charts And Stamps Are Additional Charge

We will provide you with a Fair Market Value receipt of the medical services you receive at each office visit. It will include the diagnostic and billing codes and you may submit that to your insurance for Out-of-Network reimbursement according to your plan. You may also submit a FMV receipt to your HSA (health savings account) or FSA (flexible spending account) for reimbursement.

You will receive a receipt at each office visit showing the value of each service and diagnostic and billing codes included for submission for reimbursement. This will also document your medical expenses.

We think you will see that the membership is a good value.