The Kind of Family Doctor You Always Wanted

Holistic Health Care for Women, Men and Children over 8 Years Old

Photo Of Pleased Couple Visiting Family Doctor In Clinton, NJ - Morning Star Family Health Center

Traditional western medicine and its doctors are the finest in the world for dealing with acute care such as the diagnosis and treatment of trauma or short-duration illnesses in need of urgent care. For example, a traumatic car accident, appendicitis or a broken leg. For such harrowing situations, I want traditional medicine in my corner!

But to stave off chronic problems or diseases, to better control or even reverse disease states and debilitation, and to train people in the art and science of wellness and self-healing, functional medicine is better suited for developing and maintaining a higher quality of life well into one’s senior years.

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Q. What is Functional Medicine?

Q. Why Do We Need Functional Medicine?

Q. Who Qualifies For This Type of Proactive Approach?