The Kind of Family Doctor You Always Wanted

Holistic Health Care for Women, Men and Children over 8 Years Old

MorningStar Family Health Center
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Q. 1. Do the doctors treat children and men as well as women?

Q. 2. How long before I can get an appointment?

Q. 3. What are your hours?

Q. 4. Do you take my insurance?

Q. 5. Can I get a PAP and physical done?

Q. 6. Do the doctors treat hormonal problems? Do you prescribe Bioidentical Hormones?

Q. 7. What is NaPro TECHNOLOGY?

Q. 8. How is NaPro TECHNOLOGY different from what other doctors do?

Q. 9. Is NaPro TECHNOLOGY covered by insurance?

Q. 10. What is OMT?

Q. 11. What treatments are available for PMS, post-partum depression, infertility, menopausal symptoms?

Q. 12. What is the Creighton Model Fertility Care System?

Q. 13. Can I get my blood drawn at the office?

Q. 14. Are X-Rays or Ultrasound done at the office?

Q. 15. What is the “Fair Market Value” of services?

Q. 16. Do I have to be a member to join the practice?