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Membership at MorningStar Family Health Center means that an affordable monthly fee includes office visits for physicals and primary care. That would be sick visits, chronic care management visits, lesion removal, blood draws, EKG’s, breathing treatments and such. It also includes visits by video or phone. A few items that are a cost to us are charged to you close to cost, such as vaccines.

Full Membership: No Co-Pay!

  • Individual: $79/month = $948 per year
  • Couple: $149/month = $1788 per year
  • Children (Age 8-26 (unmarried) with adult membership)- up to 5 children (6+ free): $10/ month.

Medicare Supporting Membership:

  • $49/month covers all family members on Medicare= $588 (fee for non-covered by Medicare services)

For Medicare members, we will submit to Medicare for you, but your supporting membership helps cover services that are non-covered, such as video or phone visits, newsletters and seminars.

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At MorningStar Family Health, a direct primary care practice, patients get the time and care they deserve