MorningStar is a Direct Primary Care practice founded on the premise that each person is a gift from God, deserving to be treated with dignity and respect from the moment of conception until natural death. We do our best to bring you excellence in healthcare as your partner in health!

So what does that mean?

DIRECT CARE means we deal directly with you financially. You deserve a doctor that works for you and not an insurance company. We want to be your partner in health. Save Insurance for the big stuff. For everything else there is Direct Care at MorningStar!

For PRIMARY CARE - As your “go-to” doctor, we will quarterback your healthcare, not just sick care! We also offer wellness plans to help you get well and stay well! We take time to listen carefully to you. We address your needs as a whole person. Getting stuff done here might also save you time and money and avoid needing to run all around town!

For FERTILITY issues - We provide an evaluation of your reproductive health using an approach called NaPro TECHNOLOGY. We use this methodology to find and fix the underlying causes and strive to restore your reproductive health. We don’t use contraceptive medication or refer for IVF because we believe there are better ways to address these issues. We think it is important for women to be given the opportunity to understand how their bodies work.

For MENOPAUSE health-We use bioidentical hormones and lifestyle guidance to help you be happy and healthy after 40.

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At MorningStar Family Health, a direct primary care practice, patients get the time and care they deserve

MorningStar Family Health Center: Specialized approach to women's health care

MorningStar fosters strong relationships between patients and their holistic family doctor

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